Did you notice that Paydin isn’t on Twitter and Instagram anymore?

Have Internet on my laptop back and really try to post more the next days. Missed Tumblr!

I wasn’t here for a very long time

Now that I ‘ve quit my job , I have a little more time .

I had to cancel the job. My two colleagues are no longer there. I receive a new colleague in March. Since then, my team leader has made ​​me constantly bad in front of her.She has looked for errors which I never made. The worst thing was that she said that I go to early in my late shift. It wasn’t true. I’m feeling so bad the last weeks and cried almost every Sunday . My boyfriend told me I can only be happy when I get out there. The last 2 weeks I feel so bad and had abdominal pain. On Friday , May 9, it was the worst . I went to the doctor and was on sick. On May 13, I quit . And after about a week I’ finally happy again!

Now I am looking for a new job and an apartment together with my boyfriend.

After a year long distance relationship, we don’t want to see us only on weekends. Or now ,because of his work, every 2 weekends. I can not imagine how beautiful it could be to share my life with him. There is nothing I want more right now and I hope so much we find an apartment very soon. It would be the best if we can move together next month.

Please cross your fingers for me!!


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Rachel Stevens reveals her baby bump in minidress and fur-trimmed cape at Mothercare Awards

By Daily Mail Reporter
She has looked every inch the stylish mother-to-be during her pregnancy.

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Rachel Stevens reveals her baby bump in minidress and fur-trimmed cape at Mothercare Awards

Daily Mail Reporter


She has looked every inch the stylish mother-to-be during her pregnancy.

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My Year-Review 2013

This year is almost over and I want to write a review about this year. It happen a lot (mostly good).

But It started not so good. On 13 February my grandma died. It feels  as she is still here.

At work I always got better and better with my colleagues. We 4 became friends somehow . Especially my male colleague . We meet on the 4th December 2012. From the beginning, we understood each other well. As we both had to work on New Year’s Eve, he took me to the train and waited until I sat in the train. Starting in February we talked on the phone almost every day. We had so much to tellus . On 30 April, I invited him to visit me to go to the May-Fire. We had a lot of fun and talk a lot this evening. He stayed overnight and we chat almost the whole night. After this day we flirted more and more and our colleagues asked us why we are not a couple. Even at our phone calls we talked about it. But were afraid that our friendship suffers under it. A few days before my holidays ,he wrote me that he would miss me the 2 weeks and don’t want to spend these days with the others . Only with me it would be better . My heart did somersaults, because I’ve fallen slowly into him. We talked more about us and how it would be if we came together. On 5 July, he visited me during my holiday at home. I was so nervous! After some talk and feet tickling (from his side) we watched after dinner in my room “Grown Ups” on DVD. Little by little we slipped further and further along. After the 2nd Film (The Zookeeper) he asked me very sweetly if he could kiss me then. Of course he could! Since the day, the 5th July, shortly before midnight we are together. And I am so happy with him. He is so sweet, carefully and understanding. He has so much humor and is just so cute (I’m probably biased ;)) When we two are together, we can just be stupid. I enjoy every moment with him. I am so grateful to have him in my life and we try (as we live about an hour drive away from each other) to spend every weekend together. Which unfortunately does not always work. But we talk on the phone almost every evening. I love him so much and it’s the best feeling to know that he is doing the same. Unfortunately, he is no longer my colleague. His contract was not renewed. But what is good for us. It would be not good if we would see us each other every day at work.

Unfortunately, my other colleague left us and the 3rd is pregnant, she will come back in 2015  Although it went well on work but I am alone without colleagues. I got a new one a few days ago (before I got sick because of my back) but she is very very quiet and I am a chatterbox.

My wishes and dreams for the next year are that I have a great time with the (for me) the best man in the world and that we can move together in our first home hopefully soon. Furthermore, I wish to find a new job. I want to get on and my current work is stupid and boring me. I also want to have new colleagues.

I hope you all had a great 2013 and that we all habe a much better next year! 

you know what breed is bingley paydin layne's dog'''? cuse he is really cute

Paydin said once he is a chihuahua and greyhound mix. You’re right, he’s such a cutie

Sometimes I’m so insecure. Certain things that my boyfriend says to me I understand totally wrong, although I actually know better. I do not want to be like this. How can I stop it?